Rejected text for a stone-fruit sangria recipe post:

There are days where you wish the peaches and nectarines in your fruit bowl were as big as swimming pools and as liquid, and you imagine how it would feel to jump into the flesh, paddle around, and pull yourself up onto the rough ridges of the pit. You’d scrape your arms and belly on the stone.

Or maybe it’s an apricot you’re staring into. You see yourself slide down the slope of that small smooth pit, hold your breath, and enter the apricot water without a ripple.

This Stone-Fruit Sangria is as close as you’ll ever get to swimming in peaches.

Things That Should Be Fictional But Are Actually In The News Today

1. ZAINESVILLE, Ohio — Law enforcement officials in Ohio on Wednesday said they believed they had captured all but three of the animals that escaped from an exotic animal preserve after the owner of the property released the animals before he fatally shot himself.

2. A USDA scientist has confirmed the identity of a strange grass-like sedge discovered in a Mississippi graveyard, and believes the appearance of the potentially invasive plant is linked to the final resting places of several members of a royal Gypsy family.


December 11, 1982 — see The Complete Peanuts 1979-1982


December 11, 1982 — see The Complete Peanuts 1979-1982

Eating a Sandwich with the Earl of Sandwich at The Earl of Sandwich

Yes, the terms get a little confusing. Here’s a fairly in-depth thing I wrote for Bon Appetit:


The Original 1762 came wrapped in gold foil, a toasty rectangle of fresh bread, roast beef, cheddar cheese and horseradish sauce. And it was good.

The Earl of Sandwich
, a sandwich chain owned and run by John Montagu (the 11th Earl of Sandwich and a member of the House of Lords) and Robert Earl (the creator of the Planet Hollywood empire) is opening a new location in midtown Manhattan tomorrow, and I got a chance to try the first sandwich made at the new spot in the distinguished company of both Earls (along with Caroline Montague, the Countess of Sandwich and John’s wife).

As I chewed, the Earl of Sandwich, lanky and unsurprisingly distinguished-looking in a dark suit and tie, explained how the idea to open a business capitalizing on his family history came about:

"My son Orlando has always said, all my children said, ‘We should have a share of the sandwich, everywhere that it is.’ So it’s been a family standard joke."

Robert Earl, more casual in his open-collared shirt, took it from there, saying, “His son approached me, and said you’re in the restaurant and marketing world, and we have rather a good brand.”

Which might be a bit of an understatement.

Read the rest at the site.

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Austerity Kitchen’s Christine Baumgarthuber is interviewed for Bon Appétit:

The Internet is awash in food blogs, a lot of them pretty similar, but every once in a while something original, interesting, and relevant to our times pokes its head above the surf. The Austerity Kitchen is one…

Happy I got the chance to do a really interesting project a shred of e-justice.

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Grandma Rosie and Grandpa Jim, thousands of miles away from any ocean, let alone hurricane.

Grandma Rosie and Grandpa Jim, thousands of miles away from any ocean, let alone hurricane.

Waltham: The City to Watch

The old folk’s home next door got torn down, and they’re building a 6-unit condo with an underground garage and a pool.

Apparently my dad is trying his hand at sewing? Or maybe one of the boarders (for the curious art collector, I’m pretty sure I painted that sunflower, but not positive. Also, that’s my day-glo orange Russian paratrooper backpack on the floor! Didn’t even notice it in person).

Oh and instead of getting a new car, my dad got a Vespa (accident-free since a week or two ago…).

Birthday BBQ updates to come.

The face of a buoyed man.

The face of a buoyed man.

HG: What’s the film called?

It’s called Citizen Kane

HG: Citizen Kane, yes. Not C-A-I-N

Orson: No, K-A-N-E. And this is of course the kindest, the most gracious possible thing to do. Mr. Wells is making it possible for me to do what in America is spoken of as a plug

HG: I don’t understand these words…